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Blindness Condition

Born 30 years ago, Abasi Muhidini Saidi is among those few who have changed the myth that, “disability is inability”. He is the oldest son and inherently blind lives with his mother and father who are also bind in Kiziwa Village, Kiroka Ward in rural Morogoro. Unfortunately, Abasi`s family of five members has unique and somewhat appalling history one would probably tremble to hear. Except two siblings, the rest experience blindness condition. Nothing has held Abasi back, from being an educate person regardless of his disability. His story is a proof that no problems are too big to overcome when you have dreams and determination.

With this situation still Abasi`s parents were brave enough to help Abasi complete primary education at Mazinyungu primary school, and later on join secondary education at Kizunguzi secondary school. Given the family`s disability, and with no support from the community, in the middle of Abas`s struggle for education his parents stuck to manage paying for his school fees. To the extent that Abasi forced himself to carry another burden of helping his family through begging around to settle his school bills and make ends meet at his family. Because of these double roles, as a student and bread winner, Abasi absconded school, his academic performance suddenly dropped and was expelled from school.

Her mother recalls this… I remember one day my son Abasi got a corporal punishment from different teachers of almost 24 sticks due to lack of school fees and contributions, it was really hurting, then he was expelled from and stayed home for almost five years without going to school”.

As Abasi looked ahead and envisaged of pursuing secondary education and later manage a career, his aspirations added uneven heavier burden to his already poverty-stricken and disabled parents. Here comes a fortune, as in 2015, SATF through its IP in Morogoro, Neema Resource Foundation organization(NEREFO), supported Abasi and his entire family.

Since then, Abasi, his siblings and the entire family received education and other supports from SATF, twisting their fate and regain hopes.

Thanks SATF through NEREFO that, Abasi is now pursuing Diploma in Community development at St. Joseph College in Morogoro. Being determined and hardworking, Abasi soon will graduate after his field work.

From Him, this is what he says… Firstly, on behalf of my family I thank my God for his Mercy and Charity, other helpful people for their compassionate heart. My special gratitude to NEREFO through SATF who always have been there to support my education… honestly I have the great pleasure to invite all on my graduation day in October 2018”. And Abasi`s story does not end here. He has a dream of going even further with his education strides and to attain a degree, depending on education support available. We celebrate Abasi`s story and we admire him for being such a daring person!