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Launching a new Project-BINTI NADHIFU

The Trust is about to launch a project which will complement its existing Education project. This is in favour of our female beneficiaries who are in need of sanitary pads. This is an essential need but most girls fail to have safe /hygienic sanitary pads during their menstrual days thus put in danger of contracting /getting life threatening diseases such as cervical cancer. The project was initated in April 2018. May 28, each year is the designated International Menstrual Hygiene Day (also known as Menstrual Health Day, MH Day, or simply MHD). The Fifth month(May) represent 5 days on average of the Menstrual days and 28 marks the average 28 days of Menstrual cycle. 

On 28th May 2018, SATF has joined advocates of Menstrual Hygiene Management in Tanzania by attending a workshop organized by Civil Society organizations in Dodoma. The workshop was attended by Members of parliament, Government representatives, NGOs-Local & International, Journalists and corporates. Among other things, the participants discussed on enabling the sanitary pads available at affordable prices by eliminating taxes and to cast away the attitude of making these discussions a taboo i.e breaking the boundaries.

The global theme of Menstrual Hygiene Day this year is “#NoMoreLimits – Empowering Women and Girls Through Good Menstrual Hygiene. With these facts, SATF therefore is on the right direction in introducing the Binti Nadhifu which will support 550 of its education female beneficiaries its first year of implementation and expected to scale up in future.

SATF through Binti Nadhifu is joining hands with other stakeholders advocating for the availability of sanitary pads to girls in schools, as well as the right knowledge on usage. With current advocacy impetus and positive gesture from the policy-makers, i.e. the legislature and the likes, we believe that with these initiative women get access to these female-based life necessities.