''Kuelekea Uchumi wa Viwanda; Tusimwache mtoto nyuma''
20 Years of Transforming lives of Vulnerable Children in Tanzania

Loan Portfolio

    As mentioned earlier on, one of SATF objectives is to promote the development of the Private Sector in Tanzania. One of the channels of Investments is provision of credit to business community. The Fund commenced lending activities in 1998 and has disbursed loans to companies from different sectors of economy. Companies which have benefited from SATF loan scheme are as listed below;

  • LA Fleur D’ Afrique Ltd (currently known as Arusha Blooms Ltd):
  • Located in Arusha. In 1998 it started to develop 15 hectares of cut Rose flowers for the export market. To date, 8.5 hectares have been developed. SATF invested TShs 600m in the project by way of a medium size term loan alongside other investors including Southern African Enterprise Development Facility and Tanzania Venture Capital Finance (TVCF).

  • She Investments Ltd:
  • Located in Kibaha Coast Region. The Company produces fresh milk. The project involved the expansion and modernization of an already existing farm. SATF invested TShs 119m in the project by a way of medium term loan.

  • New Northern Creameries Ltd:
  • Located in Arusha. The project involved acquisition under divestiture of assets of Arusha Dairies Ltd as well as rehabilitation and modernization of the processing plant. SATF invested TShs 500m in medium term loan and TShs. 100m in working capital (short term).

  • Musoma Dairies Ltd:
  • Located in Musoma, a dairy processing plant acquired under the divesture programme in 2000. SATF has invested TShs. 470m in the project.

  • Happy Sausage:
  • The project is in the outskirts of Arusha. The Investment was to facilitate acquisition, rehabilitation and expansion of meat processing plant. SATF invested TShs 488m in 1998 by way of medium term loan.

  • Zajara Fishing Company:
  • The Company was formed to modernize and expand Zajara Fishing Project in Dar es Salaam. SATF invested TShs. 80m towards rehabilitation of the fishing boat, Zajara I and construction of Zajara II.

  • Adam’s Ribs Leisure Company Ltd:
  • The Hotel project is located in Morogoro Municipality. SATF invested TShs. 85m by way of medium term loan and expansion and modernization.

  • Bob Investments:
  • Located in Dar es Salaam, started in 1985. The Project is in the Hospitality and Leisure Industry, involved a phased rehabilitation and refurbishment of building at Cine Club along Old Bagamoyo Road. SATF invested TShs. 150m in the project by way of medium term loan.

  • Tanzania Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd:
  • The project involved rehabilitation and modernization of plant and machinery acquired under divestiture with SATF investing TShs. 320 as medium term loan.

  • Security Systems Tanzania Ltd:
  • A security Company located in Dar es Salaam that started operations in 1997 to provide, install and maintain security equipments to offices and residential property in and around Dar es Salaam. The company is now expanding its services to Mwanza, Arusha, Mbeya and Zanzibar. SATF invested TShs. 160m by way of a medium term loan.

  • Twiga Feeds Ltd:
  • Based in Dar es Salaam. The Company produces animal feeds for both local and exports market. SATF invested TShs. 478m by way of medium term loan to support the company’s expansion through vertical integration involving the introduction of hatchery in the company activities.


‘Productive members of the society emerging from transformed MVC’

To support MVC to attain their full potentials through provision of basic services in collaboration with Government, CBO’s and other Development partners

Collaborative, Accountable, Innovative, Cost effective, An agent of social change, Teamwork, Commitment to excellence, Passion and Mutual respect


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  • Did you know on average a girl/woman spend 4-10 days on Menstrual cycle? In Tanzania the average price of sanitary pad ranges from TShs 2000/- to TShs 4000/- in the local shops and a girl spends an average of TShs 36,000/- per annum to purchase these sanitary pads.
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    • Born 30 years ago, Abasi Muhidini Saidi is among those few who have changed the myth that, “disability is inability”. He is the oldest son and inherently blind lives with his mother and father who are also bind in Kiziwa Village, Kiroka Ward in rural Morogoro. Unfortunately, Abasi`s family of five members has unique and somewhat appalling history one would probably tremble to hear. Except two siblings, the rest experience blindness condition. READ MORE +
    • Chilala FDC students listening attentively to the SATF Information technology and Maintenance officer on the technical ways of solar system installation which were given as gift from SATF to the FDC centre of Chilala in Lindi.
    • SATF Programme manager Mr Massue together with Ms Alice inspecting unto the nutrition ingredients which are used to produce nutrition porridge to the SATF children beneficiaries in Buhangija centre in Shinyanga.