The Trust has invested in the equity of 4 Companies listed at Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) with Competitive prices. The trust conducts analysis of the stock market periodically to ensure maximum return of the investment in shares. The four companies are Tanzania Breweries Limited, Dar es Salaam Commercial Bank, Swissport and National Microfinance Bank.

The Trust has also Invested in Unlisted Companies, Arusha Blooms and Musoma Diaries Ltd

This is another avenue for income in Investments. The trust does a close follow up on the performance of the companies to ensure maximum return from the investment.


UTT Management and Investors Services PLC

Under this investment category, the Trust have invested into Liquid Fund. The return for the year 2020 was annualized at 15.7% return, the UTT Units does not have fixed rate of return, its price fluctuates depending to the market conditions during the year and annualized at the year end.


Government securities

This includes Treasury Bills and Bonds issued by the Bank of Tanzania. Government securities are considered to be reliable and risk free investments that have a fixed redemption values and fixed rate of return. This instruments have been acquired with intent to hold them to maturity in line with investment policy and are carried at amounts based on their ultimate redemption values.

The trust has invested in government bonds to gain income that becomes part of grant.

Real Estate

The Trust owns a building which has three floor, out of these, two floors are leased in order to generate income to the Trust that becomes part of grant to support the beneficiaries.

Corporate Debt Securities

Corporate Bonds are long term investments which have fixed terms of redemption bearing constant rate of return. This instruments are held to maturity, the interest are incurred