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Expand for the Better!

Expand for the Better!

Expand for the Better!

SATF is dedicated to supporting Most Vulnerable Children and address the impact caused by HIV and AIDS and poverty in Tanzania in accordance to National guidelines on MVCs. This is achieved through provision of grants to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs)registered in Tanzania.

The Financial year 2019, marked the second year of the implementation of her Strategic plan (2018-2022).    

On the quest to continue to serve Most Vulnerable Children , the Trust has continued to extend its wings in the Country from 14 regions (i.e 27 districts in 2018) to 16 regions(i.e 31 districts in 2019). The aim of expansion is to reach out more MVC and to provide capacity building  to other potential grassroots organizations working with MVC from their vicinity. To facilitate the exercise, the Trust issued a Call for submission of Concept Notes to invite grassroots organizations to apply.

As a result of this exercise, SATF welcomed 11 new Partners in the family these include; OVCT(Ikungi-Singida), GSM(Nyasa-Ruvuma), KINARA(Morogoro), JIMOWACO(Mkuranga-Pwani), LIWOPAC(Lindi), NAPAO(Nachingwea-Lindi), Mama Zulu(Sengerema-Mwanza), Haki Zetu(Mwanza), Tumaini Fund(Karagwe), V4Y(Arusha), VOYOTA(Arumeru-Arusha).   

The new 11 Partners that passed through the pre-award stage ,were  invited to attend induction session.. The aim of the induction session was to familiarize the new IPs on  SATF MVC support program and grant management procedures also being part of capacity development for these grassroot organizations, the session brought together 3 key representatives from each NGO.

OVCT (Ikungi-Singida) and GSM(Nyasa-Ruvuma), have commenced the implementation activities at which a total of 188 beneficiaries (Ikungi-80 beneficiaries and Nyasa-108 beneficiaries) were enrolled into the SATF Education program from these