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Science and Technology- the New spotlight on Youth

Science and Technology- the New spotlight on Youth

Science and Technology- the New spotlight on Youth

The leaders of the world agreed on the universal commitment for transforming our world, through the Sustainable Development Goals. The agenda 2030 has greater youth prioritization and set a new course of global development by 2030. Tanzania is among 193 countries that agreed upon that and pledged to mobilize efforts to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities, and tackle climate change.

SATF as a champion of Youth development, sponsored her 6 program beneficiaries that participated in the inspirational -Annual Youth Camp for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic, from 1st to 4th January 2019.

The platform is geared to mainstream project based learning with integration of formal schools’ science curricular. For instance, transformation of agriculture through the application of science and technology.

It was 4 days camp of theories and practical, at Kibamaba, St. Joseph University, Dar es Salaam, held by Projekt Inspire

This platform, revealed its importance as it cherished their talents and unlocked their ambitions to possibilities.   

As the results those Youths have been able to;-

  • Explain soil properties and implications to the living organisms.
  • Develop automatic Android mobile application that monitors soil moisture that provides a status to the users                                                     
  • Explain an irrigation system that will maintain the moisture of the soil and develop an automatic irrigation system that integrated information

Analyze soil data in a statistical model, including; plots, graphs and develop analyzed maps for agriculture decision