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The Iron Lady!

The Iron Lady!

The Iron Lady!

Fatuma Himidi is among the VTC beneficiaries graduates on the Welding course at Mtawanya FDC in Mtwara in 2019. She was enrolled to SATF education program via SATF’s partner FAWOPA, in 2014 when she was a Form I student at Sino Secondary School in Mtwara.  

Fatuma’ s family was one among the victims of Gas issues in Mtwara in 2014 where the family lost everything as their house and other properties in the house were burnt into ashes. While this happened, Fatuma’s Mother was seriously sick, so the family devoted their little income from farming into her mother’s medical bills.

 From that moment the family could not be able to meet all their basic needs. The situation made the family unable to provide Fatuma with scholastic materials and other school contributions that eventually led her to miss school most of the time.

SATF through FAWOPA intervened in 2014 and returned the hope to Fatuma who was then enrolled to SATF education program. Fatuma completed Form IV in year 2017; unfortunately, she could not excel to advance level. Despite the situation SATF continued to hold Fatuma’ s hand to ensure she becomes a productive member of the society and therefore enrolled her in a two-year Welding course at Mtawanya FDC in Mtwara 2018.

Fatuma says “I am grateful for the support I received from SATF which made me what I am today. Through FAWOPA, SATF provided me with all the scholastic materials.  The support enabled me to complete my secondary school education just like any other children.  I got a chance to join the VTC course and will soon graduate. I will be able to help my family and other children as well.”

On her second year of study at FDC Mtawanya, Fatuma secured a field practical at TEMESA as one of her study requirements where she did her best. Her TEMESA supervisor considers Fatuma as a well-disciplined eager to learn girl who was punctual in attending to the assignments.

Mtawanya FDC Principal Madam Sophia Twalha says, “We are very proud of FATUMA.  She has become a good ambassador for our college.”