SATF through implementing partners support a range of educational projects for vulnerable children and young people in Tanzania who would otherwise find it difficult to access education. Our main educational support includes;

  1. Formal Education for MVC
  2. Skills development for street children, youth and other vulnerable children
  3. Formal Education for street children and youth

SATF Education program is the key program within the Fund since its inception in 1998 where it has been supporting MVC to access education. SATF has been benefiting Most Vulnerable Children to access primary, secondary (O-level and A-level), Vocational Trainings and Higher Learning Education through provision of essential support such as scholastic materials, school/college fees and other contributions.

SATF have been using an average of 847 million in the past seven years supporting at least 2,500 MVC to access primary, secondary, vocational training and higher learning education in Tanzania. SATF works through Implementing Partners at the grassroots level. Currently; SATF is working with 18 NGOs partners in 32 districts of Tanzania supporting more than 2741 Targeted vulnerable children throughout the country.

The following table shows the trend of the budgeted amount to support SATF MVC programs from 2014-2020

SATF MVC Program budget 2014-2018:
Year Budget(TZS)
2014 527 Million
2015 618 Million
2016 787 Million
2017 1 Billion
2018 1 Billion
2019 1 Billion
2020 1 Billion
Supported more than 168,071 Orphans and vulnerable children to access primary, secondary, vocational training and higher learning education since its inception in 1998.
Strengthened the capacity of about 79 grassroots civil society organizations in organizational development and programs for improved quality service delivery.
A total of 16 children who are the US Embassy bomb victims were supported to access education at different levels from nursery to Secondary Schools.
40 MVC who are physically challenged were supported with scholastic materials such as uniforms, shoes and socks, sweaters and school bag. In addition to that the support included braillons papers, brailler special reams, binding and cutting machine and min batteries for tape, bed sheets, blankets, mattresses and beds.
2 MVC with albinism were supported with special medicine for skin protection against sun lights and eye glasses.
As per teachers’ report, significant number of pupils’ performance has improved compared to previous situation due to the fact that all pupils supported have now their notes, fine bound which ensure safe keeping in their school bags and long lasting, hence using them to read and increase academic performance.
Supported 30,258 MVC to access basic needs such as education, food, shelter, health and psychosocial support
Capacitated 25 MVC caregivers to start income generating activities through provision of seed capital and entrepreneurship training in Songea Municipality.
Trained 500 Orphans and vulnerable children in vocational training and entrepreneurship skills
Enabled 500 Orphans and vulnerable children to start their own income generating activities (IGA) so as to live a productive life.